3 Amigos Decals #45 JORDAN BRAND 2022 CAMRY (FOR JAY´S STOCK CARS BODY) 1:24 Decal Set


Kurt Busch, driver of the 23XI team, co–founded by former basketball superstar Michael Jordan and Cup driver Denny Hamlin, won the AdventHealth 400 at Kansas Speedway with this awesome car featuring the Jordan brand on the hood and the iconic Air Jordan III “Elephant print” all around the car.

We created the decals using Jay´s Stock Cars 3D printed body. You can buy the body here:


Loren told me his 2022 Camry body is made to fit the Salvinos 2022 Camaro chassis. If you have any questions regarding the body, you can Contact Loren in his Facebook messenger:

Do you want to build a 2022 Camry for your model Collection? Get your decals and build your own replica of this amazing car!

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